Custom Web Applications - Coded, Hosted and Supported in Australia


Want to buy a sticker?

The Art of Stickers have over 11,000 different stickers in their catalogue. With their new website customers can pick a sticker, and then alter the colour, size and more.

No off the shelf product could handle anything remotely like this. So in 2015 we wrote a web application that does with integrated credit card and paypal payment, and designed it to be mobile friendly and easy to use.

Stickerart do a lot of their own customisation. So we wrote a simple CMS that we built into the site so they can edit many of the pages including the home page and the information pages on all the custom products they offer.

They also wanted to manage their orders through the site, so we built order processing and customer management into the system, designed to work with and help automate their workflow and order fulfillment processes.

So if you want to buy a sticker (or get a custom whiteboard or sign) head over to If you'd like a web application to empower your business like this, please contact us



Want to run your whole business online?

Seldrum are a Brisbane based wholesaler to the photocopier industry. They have been our client since 1997. Their challenge is a catalogue of over 10,000 product lines. But that's only half the story. There are over 3,500 photocopier models, and each of the 10,000 parts is compatible with multiple copier models. There are over 30,000 links between products and models.

And Seldrum wanted more than a website. They wanted to run their business online. Accounting, inventory management, online ordering and customer management. All from a web interface accessible online 24x7.

So that's what we wrote for them.

And since 2012 they have run their business online. Their staff use any computer, phone or tablet they want, and can access the business from anywhere, any time. They use latops to sell parts, ipads to do stocktakes, and on their desktops manage their customers, enter their accounts, and send statements and invoices. Their customers can log in from anywhere and find the right part quickly, order it, and track the progress of the order. They can print their own invoices and statements, and return goods.

If you'd like to run your business in the cloud, please contact us


Geared for Your Business

Our key difference, and our greatest strength is in making something just right for your business. We take the time to see and understand your sales and delivery processes, and then we help you systemise them and create an online application that works with your business, streamlining and automating your processes.

With us, there is nothing lost in translation. There are no account managers or client liasons who try to interpret your needs - you work with the programmer.

All our projects are:

  • Delivered on time
  • Delivered on budget
  • Just how you want them (we aim to surpass your expectations)
  • Clean, mobile friendly sites
  • Rank well on Google without any trickery. Just good clean code and relevant content.
  • Hosted on ultra fast Australian servers
  • Supplied with full training
  • Fully supported and updated regularly.




$55 million for a website? Not from us!

The website cost $55 million over 10 years. I really struggle to see the value in that. They shut it down in 2011 because it cost too much. We don't work like that. Because first and foremost we won't take on a project unless we can see it adding at least as much value to your company as it costs. We only work on projects that are a win win for us and our clients.

Once we get a good idea of what you are after we work out a monthly amount together that we are both happy with and then we work to that budget. This means no unexpected bills or large upfront costs. So, how much? Depends what you need. We work to your budget. If you are after a ballpark figure think staff member rather than megayacht.


Grab a cup of coffee...

If you're in the Brisbane area, I'd love to grab a coffee and talk about your business, and see how we can help.

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