3D Printing




Prototypes and Rare Car Parts



We design and manufacture prototype and functional parts with our 3D printers.

3D Printers slice a design into layers as thin as 0.1mm, and then print each layer in molten ABS plastic.

ABS plastic is a hard plastic (slightly flexible) and is one of the most common plastics in your home, car and workplace.The finish produced by a 3D printer is a little rough and ready, and more flexible than injection moulding in a factory, but it's good enough for prototypes and even functional parts.

So it's not quite a Star Trek style replicator (especially the 1-12 hours it takes to make things), but it's a great first step towards custom designed and instantly manufactured anything.




Rare Car Parts

We broke a latch on our Ford Territory, and Ford wanted to charge $400 to replace the whole compartment. So we designed and manufactured a replacement that is an awful lot easier to fit, and way less money.

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